-Only Ice Hotel in America
-Entirely made of snow (15 000 tons ) and ice (500 tons)
-Surface area of 3 000 m? (32 000 ft2)
-Ceilings are 5,4 m (19 ft) high
-36 rooms and suites with a capacity to accommodate more than 88 people / night
-Exterior hot tubs
-N’Ice Club reception room & courtyard (capacity of more than 400 people)
-Ice Lounge (capacity of more than 200 people)
-Ice sculptures
-Ice Chapel for weddings
-Ice slide
-Heated and lighted washrooms inside the hotel

Ice Hotel Activities

-Public tours everyday starting at 10 am
-A unique lodging experience
-Personalized events and projects including corporate receptions, workshops, cocktail parties, weddings, film and TV productions, product launching, art exhibitions, and much more
-Full array of winter activities including crosscountry skiing, ice skating, snow shoeing, dogsledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling and sliding


-The Ice Hotel receives more than 70 000 visitors and 4 000 overnight stays every winter
-Every year more than 600 press reports are made on the Ice Hotel


Public Tours :
– children $7.50
– students / seniors $13
– adults $15
– families $42 (2 adults and 3 children under 15 yrs)
Add $4.99 for a season pass
Overnight stays include cocktail, tour and accommodation starting at $199 plus tax per person
* All prices are in CAD dollars, taxes included


Located at the Station touristique Duchesnay on the shores of Lake St. Joseph , the Ice Hotel offers visitors and guests a fun-filled holiday with a full array of winter activities to choose from, such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, helicopter tours of Quebec city, cross-country skiing, sliding, skating, and ice-fishing.

For any questions related to the Ice Hotel such as availability, tour times, directions, and overnight reservations please be sure to contact the Ice Hotel directly.

Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada Inc.
143, route Duchesnay Pavillon Regie
Québec, Canada G0A 3M0

Telephone : (418) 875-4522 (Quebec City)
Toll free : 1 877-505-0423 ( CAN/USA)
Fax: (418) 875-2833
Information and Reservations [email protected]



From: West of Québec city, on Autoroute 40.

to: Ice Hotel lat=46.8682, lon=-71.6414

1.Take the RTE-367/Rte de Fossambault exit 295 to Ste-Catherine-De-La-J.-Cartier/St-Augustin-De-Desmaures
2.Turn left at Route de Fossambault. 9,2 km
3.Continue straight to stay on Route de Fossambault. 7,1 km
4.Turn left at Route de Duchesnay 2.4 km
5.Turn right 95 m

The story of Ice Hotel

The Peak Winter Experience

For the seventh season of the Ice Hotel Québec-Canada which will be even more spectacular than ever, this is what we are offering: a visit, an event, and even a night stay in this cathedral-like hotel made from the purest of all natural resources, namely water, guarante e the most surreal experiences. Its immense halls adorned with beautiful artwork emerging from its walls of snow will amaze you. You will see exquisite furniture created from sheer ice and unique ice candelabras hanging from its 18 foot ceilings. The Ice Hotel opens its crystalline halls for its guests and visitors yearly in early January only to be fated to disappear in early April as it slowly melts away under the warm spring sun.

The inspiration for this unique tourist attraction comes from the small Swedish village of Jukkasj?rvi where an Ice Hotel has been welcoming guests every winter for more than ten years. Each year, thousands of visitors from around the world travel to admire this architectural achievement. Its beauty, size, and the quality of its design and artwork, carved out of snow and ice, are simply astonishing. Now America can experience its own dazzling version of this winter tourist complex right. The incomparable Ice Hotel is well on its way to becoming the subject of Quebec’s, Canada’s, and North America’s most outstanding winter postcard. With each passing year it has assumed the role of an exceptional tourism product for international markets, attracting an increasing number of tourists for the region, province, and the country.

Since its conception, this project has benefited from constant high-level support from the Government of Quebec. The Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq) has wholeheartedly supported the project by contributing the wonderful site know as the Station écotouristique Duchesnay. Local support, through the efforts of the Tourism and Convention Bureau of the Quebec, was also instrumental in helping the dream become reality. After five years of dedication, partners Jacques Desbois and Yvon Guérard are geared to launch operations for upcoming season.

This unique success story has captured the attention of media worldwide, from India to Brazil, from Australia to Europe. There have been more than 3 500 international reports recorded on the Ice Hotel since spring 2000, with as many national reports. It has also been the recipient of numerous awards, including two from the Grand Prix du Tourisme québécois; the Tourism Personality of the year 2001 award granted to Mr. Jacques Desbois, CEO of the Ice Hotel, one for the Best Attraction 2002 & 2006 (100 000 visitors and less), and Best Recreational Tourism Enterprise 2006. Fortunately, the wonderful media coverage has directed more traffic to our website with an average of 300 000 pages read per month!

Year after year, the Ice Hotel attracts an increasing number of visitors. Since the beginning, 343 000 people visited the Ice Hotel, including 17 320 who experienced a magical night stay at the Ice Hotel. The fascinating décor, as well as the original activities and services developed by a dedicated staff has up to this point, inspired 20 000 people to hold special events such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate celebrations, product launches, and film productions.

Surely, everyone has heard of the amazing Ice Hotel and its venture partners by now. All this interest in the Ice Hotel leaves no doubt that it is indeed a sensational winter experience!

An igloo ? No, an Ice Hotel

Imagine a structure made completely of 15 000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice with ceilings over 5.4 metres high (19 feet), walls covered with original artwork, and furniture carved out of ice blocks. The Ice Hotel is one of the most unique and complex undertakings. It takes approximately five weeks to erect this masterpiece of architecture. From its first incarnation measuring 1 000 square meters, Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada now covers more than 3 000 square meters.

Keeping the originality and revitalizing the design and décor, the Ice Hotel artisans amaze everyone by modifying and creating new elements every year.

Each yearly edition will be no exception with 36 wonderful rooms and theme suites, the famous Ice Lounge, the magnificent chapel where couples can unite their destinies, an immense lobby with a candelabra lit by fibre optics, two interior courtyards, hot tubs and functional fireplaces, and the majestic reception room named the N’Ice Club with its animated evenings that will enthral everyone for hours with entertainment.

The numbers say it all…

Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada Inc., will continue to significantly contribute to the economic and tourism activity, for both the Station touristique Duchesnay and the Quebec City region. For instance, this project will generate more than 100 fulltime and seasonal jobs, as well as several indirect jobs in the local community.

According to the Tourism and Convention Bureau of the Quebec Urban Community (OTCQ), the Ice Hotel generates annual tourism benefits of more than 10 million dollars for the local, regional, and national economies. Visitors and guests at the Ice Hotel will continue to have a significant impact on the operations of our on-site partners through increased traffic and use of services that are normally scaled down during the winter months.

The Birth of an Intriguing Idea

Starting this project required dedication, hard work, vision and a lot of imagination! During the development of the project, the partners of the Ice Hotel had to overcome a number of challenges. Througho ut this process they were faced with incredible odds to convince sceptics that this project was operationally feasible and that it had real and solid financial potential.

In 1996, as he was establishing La Piste Desbois, an eco-tourism company, Jacques Desbois, a winter enthusiast and lover of snow happened upon a magazine article about the Swedish Ice Hotel. Lightning Struck! “Mr. Igloo” as he is known, proclaimed, “If they can do it in Sweden, we can do it here in Quebec, the snow capital of the world.” With that, he packed his bags and off he went to Jukkasj?rvi, Sweden, to meet with the creators of this magical structure. With the eventual plan of setting up a North American Ice Hotel, he established his company and acquired years of experience in eco-tourism and outdoor activities.

La Piste Desbois is the only business in Canada specialized in the making and management of Igloo Villages. Festivals, museums, municipalities and diverse organizations use the specialized services of La Piste Desbois, namely the famous Quebec City Winter Carnival, Montreal’s Fête des Neiges, and Québec’s Museum of Civilisation. His original concepts have enthralled countless tourists and thousands of Quebecers, both young and old.

The Great Team!

It was important for Jacques Desbois to find dedicated partners who would help realize this dream and in Yvon Guérard and Michel Mordret, he definitely has. They were immediately fascinated by the idea and possibilities of the Ice Hotel.

The next step for Mr. Desbois was to convince others of the feasibility of this project, which he accomplished easily with his enthusiasm and innovation. He convinced many to embark on this “once in a lifetime adventure” and fund the H?tel de Glace Québec-Canada Inc./ Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada Inc.

Yvon Guérard is an experienced consultant and professor of management, finance and business start-ups. Ever the curious mind, he is always on the lookout for any new trend in management, to provide the greatest benefit for his partners. He is the driving force behind this solid business base and will provide his expertise to supervision of financial controls of the company.

Seen as a visionary in the travel and tourism industry, Michel Mordret is a wellknown consultant with over 30 years experience. As Executive Vice President of Air Transat Vacations, he broke new ground in the development of one of the top emerging airlines in North America. Michel Mordret will provide strategic planning advice to our sales and marketing teams.

In order to reach their goal, they have put together a skilled team of dedicated and motivated professionals who have solid communications, marketing and business experience. The Ice Hotel partners can also rely on a reliable crew to make the structure and a talented team to ensure daily operations. “At first, this idea was more of a creating challenge for me but I soon realized that such a project required a solid finance and marketing team in order to fulfil its full potential.” – Jacques Desbois, President, Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada Inc.

Firm commitment and support from public organizations and the regional tourism sector, combined with impressive media coverage has definitely contributed to the continuation and addition to our list of partners including: Heineken Music, Chlorophylle h. tech., Les Foyers DON-BAR Fireplaces, Masseco.com, Pepsi –Alex Coulombe ltée, Arctic Glacier, Artic Spas, Spectek Consultants, Station touristique Duchesnay, La Maison des Futailles, the Town of Saint-Catherine -dela-Jacques-Cartier, CLD de la Jacques Cartier, L’Assemblée Nationale, Office of Tourism of Quebec, and more. Completing this fabulous family of partners is one of the most innovative Quebec investment funds: The FondAction of the CSN.

FondAction is not just a financial provider; it is a major partner and a sponsor with whom we can look towards the future with confidence and a strong sense of security. They will stand side by side with us to help us realize our dreams and foster our ambitions.

Station touristique Duchesnay (Sépaq)

The collaboration between the Ice Hotel and the Station touristique Duchesnay allows the opportunity to offer combined packages of winter activities such as dogsledding, ice fishing, snowmobile tours, and cross country skiing. All of this completes the “resort” experience that is so whole -heartedly sought after by tourism clientele.

The Station touristique Duchesnay has long been among the best centres for cross-country skiing in the region and offers skiers 125 kilometres of magnificent groomed and marked trails. With its large rustic buildings, the Station touristique Duchesnay is also well suited to receive large groups for meetings, conferences, and seminars. There is the possibility of group accommodation in fully serviced lodges and residences, as well as food services.

Duchesnay management has prepared for the future with continued development including the addition of a 48-room four-star central pavilion complete with an indoor pool, fitness centre, jacuzzi and sauna, banquet halls, a dining room, and a bar. As well, previously added facilities and renovations have made the Station touristique Duchesnay a beautiful and select place to stay.

Future Snowfalls

ce Hotel Quebec-Canada Inc., in partnership with Icehotel Sweden, has great plans for the future with projects for a third Ice Hotel to be created in Western North America. Meanwhile, Ice Hotel Québec-Canada offers its expertise to organizations looking for special snow and ice structures to make any event memorable. There is almost nothing out of reach for the Ice Hotel.

You are invited to discover it for yourself…

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