Bandidos victims executed one by one: witness
Defendant danced, sang during shootings, police informant tells murder trial
Last Updated: Friday, July 17, 2009 | 8:11 PM ET
CBC News

Members of the Bandidos biker gang took several of their rivals out of a southwestern Ontario barn one at a time and executed them, a police informant told a London, Ont., court Friday.

Bandidos biker gang jackets are displayed at a police news conference in Winnipeg in 2006. (John Woods/Canadian Press)

The witness is a former Bandido from the group’s Winnipeg chapter turned police informant who can only be identified as M.H. because he is now in a witness protection program.

Friday was his fourth full day of testimony at the first-degree murder trial of six alleged members and associates of the Bandidos charged with killing eight men linked to the Toronto chapter of the motorcycle gang. The bodies of the men were found on April 8, 2006, stuffed into vehicles on a farmer’s field near Shedden, Ont.

M.H. testified that one of the accused, Wayne Kellestine, sang the “Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles” part of Das Deutschlandlied, used as the German national anthem during the Nazi era, and danced a jig four or five times on the night of April 7, 2006.

After hearing a brief shootout inside Kellestine’s barn, the witness said, he ran into the barn to find several men lying face down. All but one were alive, he told the court.

At that point, he said, it was unclear what would happen to the rest of the men. The Toronto members gathered before the body of their murdered comrade and said the Lord’s Prayer before his body was wrapped in a rug and taken out of the barn, M.H. testified.

In painstaking detail, M.H. told the court how over the next couple of hours, each of the remaining Toronto bikers was ordered to march out of the barn and shot, many of them at point-blank range.

Kellestine, described by the witness as a disgruntled member of the Toronto chapter who wished to align himself with the Winnipeg chapter, did most of the killing and complained about doing the “wet work,” M.H. said.

Kellestine and the other five accused, alleged members of the Winnipeg chapter, have pleaded not guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder at the Ontario Superior Court trial.

Victim told wife on phone: ‘I love you’

While inside the barn and facing almost certain death, one of the victims, John Muscedere — nicknamed “Boxer” — received a phone call from his wife and was allowed to answer it, the witness said.

M.H. said Muscedere told his wife he would be home in a few hours and said, “I love you.” As he recalled the moment, the witness briefly broke down crying.

He said Muscedere then asked Kellestine to “do” him first, saying he wanted to “go out like a man.”

M.H. said Kellestine initially told Muscedere he was going to let him go, but Muscedere was later ordered outside by Kellestine and another of the accused, Frank Mather.

The witness said he heard “maybe two or three” pops from outside, then the two men returned without Muscedere.

The witness told the court he was later ordered to accompany Kellestine as he took another victim, George Jessome, outside from the barn to a parked tow truck.

M.H. described how Kellestine ordered Jessome to get into the truck, then shot him twice, including once in the head, as he was half-in the vehicle. Kellestine then told M.H. to move Jessome’s foot into the truck and shut the door, he said.

The witness said when they returned to the barn, Kellestine ordered two other victims, Michael Trotta and Jamie Flanz, to mop up the blood from the first victim shot, Luis Raposo.

‘I’m going to save you for last’

Earlier in the day, M.H. testified that at one point Kellestine hit Flanz, made a derogatory comment about him being Jewish and said “I’m going to save you for last.”

With several cars loaded with bodies, he said Kellestine ordered them to drive to an area well away from the farm.

But they didn’t make it far. He testified that one of the accused was worried about running out of gas, so the bodies were abandoned only about 15 kilometres away from Kellestine’s farm, near the community of Shedden.

The Winnipeg bikers then returned to the farm, he said, where they burned their own clothing, as well as the victims’ wallets and cellphones. Then they started to drive back to Winnipeg, M.H. told the court.

The other men charged along with Kellestine, 59, and Mather, 35, are:

Michael Sandham, 36
Dwight Mushey, 36
Marcelo Aravena, 32
Brett Gardiner, 25.

The shooting victims, along with Muscedere, 48, Raposo, 41, Trotta, 31, Flanz, 37, and Jessome, 52, were:

George Kriarakis, 28.
Frank Salerno, 43.
Paul Sinopoli, 30.

The witness is expected to continue his testimony on Monday.





  1. jackjia (Post author)

    Bandidos murder trial hears secret recordings
    Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 | 8:20 PM ET
    CBC News

    The first-degree murder trial of six Bandidos biker gang members and associates in London, Ont., heard secret tape recordings on Wednesday of a police informant and one of the accused discussing the behaviour of some of the victims just before they were slain.

    Bandidos biker gang jackets are seen at a police press conference in Winnipeg in June 2006 (John Woods/Canadian Press)The Crown’s key witness, a former Bandido member known only as M.H., 40, collected the information by wearing a hidden microphone and bodypack to obtain the evidence against men who at one time he considered his biker brothers.

    He agreed to wear a wire and work as a police informant following the execution-style slayings of eight members and associates of the Toronto Bandidos chapter in April 2006.

    Six members and associates of a rival faction of the motorcycle gang, Wayne Kellestine, 59, Frank Mather, 35, Michael Sandham, 36, Dwight Mushey, 36, Marcelo Aravena, 32 and Brett Gardiner, 25, have pleaded not guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder.

    In one recording, played for the court on Wednesday, one of the accused, Mushey, says he was surprised one of the victims, George Kriarakis — nicknamed “Crash” — cried.

    Another victim, Frank Salerno — nicknamed “Bammer” — kept talking the whole time until he was killed, Mushey is heard saying.

    M.H. also described how Mushey made boxing motions when he said John Muscedere — known as “Boxer” — went out “like a man.”

    “Supposedly, the first one he got, he laughed,” Mushey is heard saying, in an apparent reference to a bullet.

    The taped evidence was gathered during a meeting at the Winnipeg home of co-accused Sandham, attended by Mushey and M.H.

    Another segment was recorded while M.H. and Mushey worked out at a gym.

    With grunts and groans in the background and the sound of clanking weights there was talk about the night of April 7, 2006, when the eight bikers were shot to death at Kellestine’s farm west of London.

    M.H. has already testified in gruesome detail that seven of the eight victims were led out of the farm’s barn one at a time and shot.

    The bodies of the men were found the next day, stuffed into several cars that had been abandoned not far from the community of Shedden.

    The shooting victims, along with Kriarakis, 28, Muscedere, 48, and Salerno, 43, were:

    Luis Raposo, 41,
    Michael Trotta, 31.
    George Jessome, 52.
    Paul Sinopoli, 30.
    Jamie Flanz, 37.
    The trial continues on Thursday.

  2. jackjia (Post author)

    电单车党8尸案 死者遭逐一枪决





    受审5名被告疑与温尼辟强盗帮有联系,第6人凯利斯廷(Wayne Kellestine)与8名男死者疑是多伦多强盗帮成员。

    警方线人M.H.指出,那天晚上,8人奉命到安省西南部凯利斯廷的农场。他们全部进入谷仓,被告桑达姆(Michael Sandham)躲在阁楼,他有两支枪,他开了枪,凯利斯廷大喝一声,命令所有人趴下。M.H.说,这时候,他在谷仓外面。

    M.H.说,多伦多的拉珀索(Luis Raposo)颈部及胸部中枪,还试图说话。



    凯利斯廷命令两名男子弗朗兹(Jamie Flanz)与特罗塔(Michael Trotta),用毯子卷起尸体,抬到外面,清除地板血。


    M.H.表示,有些男子知道自己劫数难逃,包括加拿大强盗帮主席马塞德雷(John Muscedere),他一再说:“第一个先干掉我,我要走得像个男子汉。”



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